Our experienced team can help you design, implement, administer, and maintain your international student program. Our years of experience as classroom teachers, coaches, counselors, program directors, and administrators allow us to say with full confidence that we understand all aspects of 21st century schools and how to best grow international student programs in them. Backed by research and proven methods, we are peerless in our ability to support your school’s global vision and mission.

Recruitment and Enrollment Management
We handle the bulk of the international student recruitment and enrollment process for you. Through screening, prequalifying, matching, and identifying mission appropriate students.

We can act to leverage your school’s admissions department in our international markets. We understand that admissions processes differ from school to school and that is why our recruitment and enrollment management process is custom-tailored to fit your specific needs. We’ll incorporate your school’s admissions documentation, English language proficiency benchmarks, and interview processes to make our partnership as seamless as possible.

School & Student Support
We are a service-based company which holds the individual needs, uniqueness, and expectations of our clients’ private schools and international students – as paramount. Our student management services are positioned to help answer questions and concerns as they arise. We pride ourselves on providing excellent on-going support in areas such as general admissions, pre and post student arrival, conflict resolution and crisis management, and much more. In addition, our China team will facilitate ongoing communication between you and the natural families.

  1. Enrollment Management

    We can work in conjunction with your school to set admissions standards – ideal student profile, English-language proficiency guidelines (TOEFL, JR TOEFL, IELTS), interests, and more. We work with you to establish enrollment guidelines which include but are not limited to desired number of students and annual and/or semester enrollment goals.

    Application and Initial Interview

    Through screening, prequalifying, matching, and identifying mission-appropriate students, we can act to leverage your school’s admissions department in our international markets.

    Documentation Collection

    We are responsible for collecting applications and certain immigration documentation for each of our students.


    We don’t market students to your school; we market your school to students. Our office staff assists in a systematic collection of information to make your school stand out in the incredibly competitive market. We will help find the strongest assets and bragging points for the school. We use our incredible marketing power to put the school’s name in front of thousands of people (Fairs, Schools, Agents, Parents) through various marketing methods:

    • Descriptive and Attractive Brochures
    • Dedicated Websites / Partner Websites
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – We make it easier for students to locate and learn about your school via the internet


    Pre-Post Arrival Support

    We provide help and support during each student’s arrival and departure including organization and communication of flight arrangements, support during the arrival period in case of flight delays or changes, and assistance with student orientation procedures and programs. Our team also provides recommendations, suggestions, and advice for enculturation.

    School-Natural Parent Liaising

    We, directly or together with trusted correspondents in-country, act as the main point of contact between your school and the student’s natural parents. This communication covers everything from test grades and extra-curricular activities to family functions as well as academic and behavioral concerns

    Crisis Management

    We know that issues may occur while international students adjust to a different culture. We are here to provide you with 24/7 assistance with conflicts and crises that may arise.


    Here are the options

    • School boarding
    • School homestay program
    • Three-W referrals


"I am currently a Grade 12 student at CCS. It is an awesome school for international students to learn local culture, and to become involved in activities. Teachers and students are all very willing to help international students. If you want to challenge yourself, come to CCS. "

Binxi Fan
Chatham Christian School