Three-W Canada International Corporation is the leading international student management company with extensive services for private schools in Canada. Our company partners with outstanding private schools to develop mission-appropriate international student enrollment plans. This partnership provides schools with strategic planning, guidance on international student program setup and international student support. Three-W Canada International Corporation identifies international students who are an appropriate fit, based on the school’s mission and admission criteria, and who enhance the cultural diversity of the school’s community. Unlike exchange programs, where students study abroad for a school year or less, these international students enroll for multiple years with the intent of being graduated from a Canadian high school.

Three-W Canada International Corporation currently has over 20 partner schools enrolling nearly 500 international students in Canada.

We have a reputation for having a highly successful operating program and strong relationships with overseas recruiters. This reputation is substantiated by an unwillingness to compromise on the quality of schools and students. Our screening process helps us place students in an environment where they are prepared to succeed, and is the reason that in over the years we have an unparalleled success rate.

Mission: To partner with schools to create global learning experiences that educate, inspire, and empower students and school communities to engage a globally diverse world.

Vision: Three-W Canada International Corporation is a comprehensive educational management company striving to enable academic excellence, in-depth sharing, cultural understanding, and open-mindedness between students from diverse backgrounds. We are a service-based company which holds the individual needs, uniqueness, and expectations of our clients as paramount. Our clients include Canadian private high schools and international students. Our commitment to excellence distinguishes us as the premier international student management company in Canada.

Founded by Jason Wang and Anna Wang, Three-W Canada International Corporation has served schools since 1998. From our humble beginnings, we have maintained one vision: to provide an international program that produces the best possible experience for both students and schools. With our China region of United States and Canada Secondary Education (UCSE) opened in 2009, we have established a large recruitment network with branch offices in over 20 major cities and partners across China. With Three W International opened in 2011 in Orlando, Florida and Los Angeles, California USA, we have become a well-known international student management company in North America and China. Ever mindful of our goal, Three-W Canada International Corporation seen a tremendous growth in the number of students and schools it serves. Today, we have become an industry leader in the field of international student program management, representing over 20 schools in Canada and over 150 schools in America. Although the number of students has increased, the philosophy and quality of service has never faltered. With one of the largest student success rate in the industry and overwhelming satisfaction of schools, we bridge cultural boundaries and expands educational opportunities.

From the very beginning, there were several absolutes that our program must offer: quality schools, exceptional students, and providing referral to a dedicated source that provides safe and supportive host families. This combination resulted in two unique outcomes – schools benefited academically and financially, and students were exposed to a first-rate educational and cultural experience.

"King's Christian Collegiate is proud to have been working with Three-W for over ten years. What stands out for me is that Three-W values its relationships with partner schools. We have found them to be responsive to our needs and enthusiastic about our school. At their core, Three-W wants to help students find schools that will be a an exceptional fit both in terms of academics and culture. We have enjoyed meeting and working with their engaged staff and look forward to our continued working relationship. "

John DeBoer, M.Ed.
Principal / King's Christian Collegiate


    1. Cultural Education
    2. China
  • Understanding one's own culture and how it differs from others' cultures is an important first step to building global competence. Customs, diets, languages, worldviews, and belief systems vary widely from one culture to another. It is important, then, for our international students to be aware that, when they come to our Canadian schools, they will experience many new ways of looking at and navigating within the world. In the same way, our schools' Canadian teachers, often used to homogenous classrooms of domestic students, will find that they will need to employ different strategies to support their international population. Here is some information about education in China.

    With globalization, the Chinese are placing a greater focus on education than ever before. Compared to Canadian education, however, Chinese education is still regarded as exam-oriented, especially in middle and high school. The Chinese classroom has typically been teacher-centered, relying on lecture, note taking, and rote memorization. Chinese educators expect their students to perform well on every exam, and they focus on teaching students how to earn high scores. At the end of high school, students take the gaokao, an extremely rigorous exam which determines college acceptance and placement.

    Chinese students are typically good at studying, are obedient in class, and have a strong command of school subjects. They may be lacking, however, in skills necessary to perform well in the Canadian classroom when they first arrive. Chinese students, use to less interactive classrooms, may have difficulty at first when asked to participate in discussions or work collaboratively with their peers. Chinese students use to rote memorization may also find creative or critical reading and writing tasks problematic. Fortunately, Chinese students are eager to do well, and they will work hard to become competitive academically.

"Teachers and students are all nice. When we have problems, they help us solve it. When I went back to China my parents said I had become more mature and independent. I am so appreciative that I can be a part of this school. Studying here not only made me succeed in learning, but also impacted my positive thinking about questions. I have had a great time studying and living here. "

Krystal Chen
Smithville Christian High School