We provide comprehensive services to private educational institutions. Three-W Canada International Corportion seeks out highly desired schools and supplies the tools and knowledge to start up and implement successful international student programs. We provide the highest caliber of academically-gifted students that will give a valuable cultural experience to all parties involved, while providing an economic boost to both the school and the community.


We have continuously adapted to the ever-changing landscape of private school education and international student mobility by creating a comprehensive suite of services that address every facet of a successful international student program.

Recruitment & Enrollment Management

We handle the bulk of the international student recruitment and enrollment process for you. Through screening, prequalifying, matching, and identifying mission-appropriate students, we act to leverage your school's admissions department in our international markets.

Student Management

We are a service-based company which holds the individual needs, uniqueness, and expectations of our clients - private schools and international students - as paramount. Our student management services are positioned to help answer any questions and concerns you may have.

Consulting Services

With extensive experience in private education, our Consulting Services team can assist with services to help strengthen your international student program. From program development and ongoing staff/faculty classroom and cultural training to networking. We are here to help!


    Three-W Canada International Corporation partners with outstanding private schools to develop mission appropriate international student enrollment plans. This partnership provides schools support with strategic planning, professional development, and guidance on curriculum and international student support.

  • 2,500


    Since 1998, we have enrolled over 2,500 students in private secondary schools across the country.



    98% of Three-W students that apply to colleges and universities are accepted.

  • 12:1


    The average student to teacher ratio at our partner schools is 12 students for each teacher.



    Three-W Canada International Corporation partners with different types of schools including Religious, Independent, Boarding, and Day Schools.

"I really love the years I spent at Villanova. The school helped me prepare for university. The teachers are very responsible to every student. As an international student, it is hard to learn everything in English, but with the help of the teachers I was successful. Villanova helped me widen my horizons through the variety of courses, clubs, activities I participated in. Villanova help me achieve my dreams and find my purpose in life. "

Hannah (Hanrui) Zhu
Villanova College