Three-W Canada International Corporation currently has over 20 partner schools enrolling nearly 500 students in Canada. We have a reputation for having a highly successful operating program and strong relationships with overseas recruiters. This reputation is substantiated by an unwillingness to compromise on the quality of schools and students. Our screening process ensures that no student is placed in an environment where they are not prepared to succeed, and is the reason that over the years we have an unparalleled success rate.


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  • Three-W Canada International Corporation is a service-based company. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service to make bridging the gap between International student studies and the American private high school an easy and seamless process. Since 1998, we have enrolled over 2,500 international students into our elite private high schools. Our offices in China work closely with multiple agencies to find the most driven and academically motivated students. On average, 98% of our international students apply and are accepted to multiple colleges and universities within Canada.

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    "Over the past 6 years Three-W has provided impeccable service and support to our school. They have helped us to build and grow a thriving international student presence at PCC, and consistently send us applicants who are both caring and hard-working students. The Three-W staff have been integral to our success with our international student program; both in Canada and in China, the Three-W staff are dedicated to helping us continue to offer a safe and supportive learning environment for international students. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Three-W for years to come."

    - Katie Wloka-Patterson, International Student Program Director
    Philopateer Christian College

    Below is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. Interested in learning more? Our team of experts are waiting to speak to you!

    · How does an International Student Program differ from a Cultural Exchange Program?

    Unlike a cultural exchange program where students study abroad for a semester or a school year, the aim of our international student program is for students to receive their secondary education exclusively in the Canada. The ultimate goal of these students is acceptance into colleges and universities here in Canada, making their commitment long-term. At Three-W Canada International Corporation, most of our students meet that goal, so there's good reason their enrollment can last the duration of their high school years.

    · What is the cost of the program to schools?

    Each program is uniquely tailored to cover its own costs. We will work with you to determine what you need to run a successful and vibrant international student program and design the program with those costs built in. In short, there is no direct cost to the school.

    · What countries do our students come from?

    We currently place students from the region of China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau), and other countries in Asia.

    · In what grades do these students typically enroll?

    The majority of our students enroll in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. In some instances, students will enroll in 7th and 8th grade as well.

    · What is the English language proficiency level of these students?

    Although we have our own minimum requirements, language proficiency requirements will differ from school to school. We understand that every school has different resources and support structures in place.

    · We are a day school and do not have a boarding facility. What can we do?

    We work with day schools, boarding schools, and schools that offer both day and boarding options. Day schools typically operate on some form of a host family or home-stay platform and we have several options we can discuss with you.

    · Where do these students go after high school?

    A large majority of the students in Three-W Canada International Corporation programs continue on to receive their post-secondary education in colleges and universities across Canada and the U.S.

"King's Christian Collegiate is proud to have been working with Three-W for over ten years. What stands out for me is that Three-W values its relationships with partner schools. We have found them to be responsive to our needs and enthusiastic about our school. At their core, Three-W wants to help students find schools that will be a an exceptional fit both in terms of academics and culture. We have enjoyed meeting and working with their engaged staff and look forward to our continued working relationship. "

John DeBoer, M.Ed.
Principal / King's Christian Collegiate